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Fly Girl by Bill Hellman, Sali Gear

fly girl

A finely-crafted, gritty action thriller…

The husband and wife team of retired Navy SEAL Bill Hellman and former Navy carrier pilot Sali Gear masterfully provoke feelings of exhilaration in their action-packed debut action thriller which finds a female fighter piolet in the middle of an unexpected intrigue. When the daring Navy pilot Rawley West is approached by a mysterious stranger on behalf of a secret organization to work for CIA in Afghanistan, she doesn’t think twice before accepting the offer. As old family secrets unravel, friendships reform, and broken relationships are mended, Rawley finds herself in the middle of an international conspiracy. She must fight and sleuth her way through escalating mayhem or risk putting several lives in danger. Hellman and Gear elevate the regular components of an action thriller: a lost Vietnam era WMD, old revenge, international intrigue, scrupulous technical detail, navy seals, CIA, and a disturbed mastermind among others well above the usual action-thriller norm. The edge-of-the-seat air combat scenes, credible action, authentic prose, and meticulous research support the intricate, ingenious plot. A series of twists, genuine covert operations, and an exhilarating setting of Alaska’s wilderness along with the intriguing Middle East, Central Asia, and Florida Keys will leave readers both amazed and pleasantly exhausted. Rawley with her bravery, courage and sensitivity makes for a worthy heroine: readers will cheer for her every step of the way. The readers who like their stories loaded with high action, well-sketched action sequences, and a thorough characterization are in for a treat. Spectacular!


Fly Girl

By Bill Hellman, Sali Gear

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Pub date March 5, 2018


Price $8.45 (USD) Kindle edition, $14.99 Paperback


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