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The Happy Couple by Samantha Hayes

happy couple

A quick read…

In Hayes’s latest thriller, a woman comes across a dark, twisted truth while trying to look into her husband’s disappearance. Finding it hard to move on after her husband Will’s disappearance a year ago, Jo is contemplating a house-sitting job on her best’s friend Louise’s suggestion when she comes across her husband’s picture in a stranger’s living room on a housesitting website. Determined to find the truth, Jo takes on the job and moves in the country cottage. But what she unravels is something she never could have imagined. Full of numerous twists, the story is ripe on tension and intrigue. But the characterization is flat, and Hayes fails to delivers a shocking solution and a perfectly realized sense of justice for Jo. The psychological thriller lovers looking for a quick read will find it satisfying though.


The Happy Couple

By Samantha Hayes

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Pub date May 4, 2020

ISBN 9781838887476

Price $10.99 (USD)


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