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By the Light of the Moon Series by Jenny Knipfer
Sentimental and richly-detailed…
In this poignant, tautly-paced series, Knipfer elegantly explores grief, guilt, romance, and faith. Set on the shores of Lake Superior in Ontario during the mid-1890s, the first book in the series tells the coming-of-age story of Jenay, a young woman of mixed French and Ojibwe descent, who after causing a horrific accident must learn to survive the trauma. The second installment narrates the story of the unwed Vanessa Gulet who is forced to give her newborn son to her married twin sister, Valerie, to raise. But she finds it hard to let go of the child, unaware of the chaos her impulsive decision will bring in her sister’s life. In the third installment releasing in June of this year, Knipfer pens an absorbing tale of life on the home front in Webaashi Bay, Ontario, as Luis, Oshki, and Jimmy set on to join the war as part of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces. The storyline in the series follows the trajectory of Jenay, Vanessa and their children’s lives from the late 1800s through WWI and its aftermath. The narrative stays intriguing as it flashes back and forth in the past and the present with the flashback chapters from the protagonists’ lives forming the axis of the story. Knipfer seamlessly Interweaves various storylines and stays focused on the richness of the Ojibwe culture, faith, and family ties. Readers struggling with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) will appreciate the journey of the Gulet twins as a vehicle for emotional healing. The large cast of characters in this multi-generation saga provides depth and richness to the several connected storylines; each character is thoroughly sketched and possesses his or her own fears, insecurities, hopes, desires, and inner voice; Jenay, who started her journey as a teenager surprises with her strength, faith, and the gift of love; all the other characters, especially Luis, Oshki, and Jimmy are compelling, their time in war offers both a grim perspective on life in the trenches and horror of war on a soldier’s psyche. Christian symbolism woven into the story along with the open, faith-based questions about the very nature of reality will delight readers of faith. Readers who love being trapped in a character’s mind should relish this finely written, gripping series. A must read for fans of historical fiction.

By the Light of the Moon Series

By Jenny Knipfer

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