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Sinai Unhinged by Joanna Evans

sinai unhinged
A clever, intelligent nail-bitter that crackles with tension…
A particle physics experiment goes awry, driving the researchers insane and plunging a young therapist into the frightening search for the truth in Evans’s seamlessly plotted debut thriller. After her physicist father’s mysterious disappearance, Alexandra Kraig had vowed to stay away from Physics. But a tragedy forces her to get entangled in the very experiment at the Complex, a Physics Research facility in North Carolina, against which her father has warned her years ago. With thousands of lives at stake, Alexandra must do everything in her power to turn the course of the experiment. Evans tells a captivating story in authentic prose, keeping the narrative ripe with tension. Though heavy on science detail, the book’s strong focus on character, meticulously researched storyline, and the shrewd, nuanced plotting will keep readers turning the pages fast. Fans of conspiracy thrillers will hope to see a lot more of Evans.

Sinai Unhinged

By Joanna Evans

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Pandamoon Publishing

Pub date August 5, 2020

ASIN B087T4V364

Price $6.01 (USD) Kindle edition

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