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Heaven’s Open Book by Sheldon Peart

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A must read for every believer…

Sheldon Peart brings his five Christian couple protagonists from differing ethnicities, races, and social classes to vivid life and conveys their messages of faith with wit and understanding. From the charismatic Pastor Gerald Panton’s educated and outspoken wife, Catherine’s sarcastic remarks to Hector and Jasmine Blackstock’s lively cat-and-mouse game, Peart’s characterization brims with wit and dry humor. Through the different couple’s stories, Peart delivers an accurate picture of the devoted Christian that stands in sharp contrast to what the Bible actually tells about Christianity. Through seamless narrative and his protagonists’ reflective thoughts, Peart explores Christianity’s unanswered questions with great honesty and depth and asks the Christians to trade in false values rooted in spurious faith.

Heaven’s Open Book

By Sheldon Peart

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PUB DATE Dec 11, 2018

ISBN 9781791602147

PRICE $9.99 (USD)

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