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He Started It by Samantha Downing

he started it

Dark and tedious…

Downing’s latest is an easily avoidable, disturbing tale that explores three siblings’ twisted relationship as they set on to secure their inheritance. After death of their wealthy grandfather, the siblings: Beth, Portia, and Eddie Morgan embark on a cross-country road trip to fulfil the old man’s final wish and secure their inheritance. The fateful trip starts on an unfortunate ground when a pickup truck run the siblings’ car off the road in rural Alabama and set on to tail them. But that’s just the beginning of a series of bizarre occurrences. The lies, backstabbing, and betrayals pile up as the trip progresses. Soon the past secrets unravel, threatening to destroy multiple lives. The story starts on a brisk note, and Downing does a fine job of folding in layers of the siblings’ troubled shared pasts and dangerous secrets. But she fails to maintain the pace with all of her characters portrayed as antagonists. In the end, it is about who is the bigger evil among the characters. Easily skippable.


He Started It

By Samantha Downing


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Pub date July 28, 2020

ISBN 9780451491756

Price $19.99 (USD)

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