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Daughter of Man by Jacob Steven Mohr

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Strange, scary, and utterly gripping dark fantasy…

Darkness, horror, mystery, and intrigue fill the pages of Daughter of Man, and transport the reader to a world where monsters are real and there’s a weird darkness in the heart of normal people. Sinister and supernatural forces, the Rollogs storm villages and tore women and children limb-from-limb and put men on skewers and twirl the skin off their screaming corpses. To reclaim the world from these monsters, Captain Krallie and Captain Yosef combine the regiments under their command to form 21st Brigade. Diamanda, the Berserker, is brought in to fight the Rollogs. She is a one-woman army, an enigmatic band of warriors all by herself: superb, powerful, and violent. The book is dark, creepy and strange—somewhere between literary fiction (more of a classic) and a fantasy mixed with the paranormal. It’s structured simply. The story is told in flashbacks through Captain Foley’s conversations in a bar with the student. The war scenes are pretty short, but powerful. Foley’s flashbacks are what makes the book a classic literary fiction. Diamanda’s part (other than Rollogs, but they don’t have too many scenes) is a mix of high fantasy and paranormal. The characters are multifaced, especially, the protagonists—Diamanda and Captain Foley, they both evolve as the story moves forward. Diamanda doesn’t get much space in the story, but she’s the protagonist in a real sense. She’s cold and dark, and the reader sees her wander through various military camps, destroying Rollogs. Foley is a darling. His evolving relationship with Diamanda is what provides fuel to the story. It is through Foley’s eyes that readers get to distinguish the real monster (between Diamanda and others). The book is not as long as usual novels (It’s 182 pages long). But makes no mistake. What Daughter of Man lacks in length more than makes up for it with the build-up to the moving, thought-provoking climax. Throughout the story, there is a sense of mystery and doom. Mohr’s writing is fluid; as you read, it draws you further and further into the lives of Diamanda and Foley’s world. A quiet, thoughtful novel that fans of dark fantasy and supernatural fiction will love.


Daughter of Man

By Jacob Steven Mohr

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World Castle Publishing

PUB DATE January 20, 2018

ISBN 9781629898803

PRICE $10.99 (USD)


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