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The Enchanter’s Child by Navya Sarikonda



A wonderful account of a magnificent adventure, filled with suspense and seasoned with plenty of twists and turns. . .

The premise of The Enchanter’s Child is interesting; it follows the story of Wren, a teen girl and the last of the Arobol: a group of magic-wielders, who after an unexpected tragedy is forced to flee her home and sets on to find the sorcerer, her parents’ killer. Along the way, she meets Zayne, the mysterious leader of the Gavreel Society and Quinn, a black assassin with incredibly dark, melodramatic past, and sinister motives. The trio embarks on an adventurous journey filled with unforeseen dangers and magical world of sinister fairies, fearsome beasts, and black shadows. The writing is fluid and clear. Navya Sarikonda tells the tale in a true classic style; the trio is trapped by various enemies along the way and imprisoned in several unpleasant places. The characterization, although generic, is good; the protagonists; they are brave; they have doubts; all three of them have a tragic past. The plot is tight and narrative simple yet engrossing. The book will appeal to young audiences more because of the simplicity of the narrative. There is plenty in it to appeal to adults as well though. All those readers who love an engrossing adventurous tale, simply told, will take The Enchanter’s Child to their hearts.



The Enchanters’ Child

by Navya Sarikonda

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PUB DATE December 10, 2018

ISBN 9780998025605

PRICE $14.99 (USD)

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