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The Boy (Broussard and Fourcade #2) by Tami Hoag

the boy

A finely-constructed police procedural…

Nick Fourcade, a detective with the Bayou Breaux, La., police department, is called to a crime scene to investigate the brutal murder of seven-year-old KJ Gauthier. His 27-year-old mother, Genevieve, who managed to escape the brutal attack, is being questioned by Nick’s wife and fellow detective, Annie Broussard in the local hospital. When 12-year-old Nora Florette, KJ’s babysitter, goes missing, the case becomes more complicated. With palpable tension with his boss, the new sheriff of Partout Parish, Kelvin Dutrow, solving the killing of KJ and disappearance of Nora is becoming more difficult. The story line and the protagonists are superiorly constructed, and Hoag evokes the small-town atmosphere of the bayou in fine detail. With plenty of twits and turns, the tension stays high, and the shocking, satisfying conclusion is something, the reader wouldn’t see coming at all.


The Boy

(Broussard and Fourcade #2)

By Tami Hoag

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Pub date December 4, 2018

ISBN 9781101985397

Price $1.85 (USD)


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