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Dappled by Lisa Brown


Masterfully written and packed with insight, compassion, and hope… Not the one to be missed.

Brown tackles significant theme of self-worth with trenchantly serious message of mental health issues in her exceedingly moving, honest debut which tells the story of a woman struggling with her past and present traumas. Now in her late twenties and still bearing psychological marks of dealing with her mother’s severe mental health problems during her childhood and teen years, Jane is deeply unhappy. Unable to deal with her vitiligo, a chronic skin condition, and the relentless emotional trauma, Jane embarks on a self-destructive path. But skirting the edge of despair is not that easy: to heal herself, Jane must confront her past first. In taking an intimate look at Coleen’s mental health issues, Brown successfully attains the commendable feat of making readers understand and sympathize with Colleen’s destructive behavior (owing to her mental health) despite her complete failure as a mother. Her compassionate consideration of issues of living with a chronic condition, mental health problems, and family is both intuitive and insightful as she depicts the plight of Jane as a child and teenager fraught with her mother’s mental health problems and her struggles with issues of self-worth and low esteem in her adulthood. Brown’s assured, eloquent prose, the powerfully affecting narrative, and tight plotting make it hard for the reader to put the book away. This remarkable work of fiction from a very talented author is almost virtually perfect. Fans of women’s fiction and literary fiction will be highly rewarded.



By Lisa Brown

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Pub date January 31, 2020

ASIN B084DM1666

Price $0.99 (USD) Kindle edition, $11.39 Paperback

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