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Roses Are Red by Miranda Rijks

roses are red

A gripping thriller…

After suffering heartbreak in her marriage, Lydia Palmer is preparing for divorce. When Adam suddenly dies, Lydia enters the world of online dating on insistence of her friends and meets the dashing, gentle Patrick. It doesn’t take long for the two to get married, but things start to go haywire soon after. With disintegrating business and her daughter turning against her, Lydia is convinced someone is there to destroy her happiness. Fast-paced narrative and engrossing storyline are the highlight of this thriller. Unfortunately, the lack of punch when it comes to Lydia’s character makes it difficult to like her. Adam (in Lydia’s memories) oscillates between a caring husband and an egocentric bully. Although the ending is predictable and resolved with relative ease, there are enough plot twists to keep the pages turning. Lovers of domestic thrillers will be rewarded.


Roses Are Red

By Miranda Rijks

Inkubator books

Pub date April 26, 2020

ISBN 6998984129543

Price $2.99 (USD)

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