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So You’re Not Supermom….It’s OK!: Rants of a foul mouthed mom Volume 1 by JN Supermom

so you are not supermom

Candid and hilarious…

JN Supermom, mom of seven, bares open her heart to let a large pile of frustrations out as she struggles to cope with the pressure of raising seven kids while going to school and handling two jobs. With wit and honesty, Supermom talks about her own frustrations and captures the struggles faced by every modern mother along with the eccentric and frenzied absurdities of motherhood. Her account makes the reader realize one simple truth: mothers are expected to be selfless or risk being judged by other people. Stressing on the fact that a mother doesn’t have to be perfect all the time, she tells women to stop caring about other people’s opinion and do whatever is best for their kids and themselves. Readers who have dealt with struggles of raising kids single-handedly will recognize and empathize with Supermom’s insightful revelations. This compilation of short rants makes for a sincere, entertaining account of raising kids.

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So You’re Not Supermom….It’s OK!

Rants of a foul mouthed mom Volume 1

by JN Supermom

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Pub date April 25, 2018


Price $0.93 (USD) Kindle edition, $5.99 Paperback


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