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A Day at the Zoo by Cassie Roberts (Author), Judith Richards (Illustrator)

a day at the zoo


A funny, charming read…

Roberts’s latest is a short, simple rhyming book of two children’s adventure at the zoo. William and Rose go to the zoo, where they meet many friendly animals performing amazing tricks. The children are invited to join the adventures but are unable to do so for the fear of trying out anything new. Delightful, lively rhymes list off the options the zoo animals offer. The illustrations are funny with animals wearing comical costumes. The book’s simple message of confronting the challenge of a new experience is marred by the fact that William and Rose are convinced enough to give the things a go only after their zoo visit is over. Nonetheless, the book makes for a pleasant read-aloud for young children under 3 with its simple storyline.


A Day at the Zoo

By Cassie Roberts (Author), Judith Richards (Illustrator)

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Pub date December 28, 2019

ASIN B083844F96

Price $6,89 (USD) Kindle edition, $14.99 Paperback


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