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Travel in Time by Anişoara Laura Musteţiu

travel in time


An earnest collection…

Drawn from her own life experiences and written in a compelling prose, Musteţiu’s poignant debut is highlighted by moments of startling insight into life’s journey, exploring various themes of love, dreams, grief, and memories. The first part, “Adolescent,” is a painfully honest portrait of adolescent love. In “I have got something divine,” Musteţiu draws a relentless portrayal of adolescent relationship and all its related attendant anxieties and insecurities. “I escaped into a sanctuary,” is perfectly rendered depiction of young love. The second part, “In a Foreign Country,” explores themes of immigration, class division, cultural and language disparities, homelessness among other. “Pepina,” delves into the unconditional love of pets and so does the “I saw a homeless man with a parrot.” In “Transylvania, you are always in my heart,” the protagonist melancholy and wishfully remembers their birth country. Refreshing and heartwarming, this short collection with its charming illustration will appeal to every poetry lover.


Travel in Time

By Anişoara Laura Musteţiu

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Pub date February 24, 2020


Price $7.24 (USD) Kindle edition, $8.99 Paperback


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