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The Latecomers by Rich Marcello

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Intricately woven, lyrically written… A poignant tale!

An elegiac portrait of an old couple exploring the nature of deep relationship, Marcello’s latest is a poignant study of a couple’s journey through life as they set on to unravel the true purpose of their lives. Forced into early retirement and with grown children in distant cities, the Latecomer couple, Maggie and Charlie, are spending their days working on their hobbies as artists. Their lives turn upside down after Charlie’s restlessness forces him to leave for a spiritual retreat, trying to find the meaning of life. Maggie is left behind with unanswered question. Shattered by her husband’s disregard for their decades-long relationship, Maggie struggles to come to terms with her despair and bit by bit comes to comprehend the true purpose of her own life. Marcello writes with an assured hand, describing in surprising and whimsical style everything from the intricacies and changes happening within the couple’s relationship to the soul-searching journey they take through life. Unlike in usual age-old relationships where any shifts or complexities if happen are so dull they are nothing more than a mere backdrop to other people’s intriguing infidelities, Maggie and Charlie’s relationship is ripe on ups and downs. Marcello beautifully conveys the couple’s slight shifts of emotions, their closeness, the underlying restlessness, and the distance that sets in slowly and in due process, he not only explores the visceral level connection between the couple but also the questions of aging, health, true love, wisdom, and what actually bonds two people for life. Maggie’s single-mindedness and resilience make her shine, making the reader root for throughout her pursuit of realizing her goal as she takes on the task of revitalizing the lives of retirees. Charlie, who holds the power initially when it comes to the couple’s relationship dynamics, loses his shines in front of Maggie as the narrative progresses, fading in the background almost. The other characters are sketched with equal care and precision. Marcello’s prose is masterful, the narrative smooth, and the hefty dose of science-fiction mixed with magical realism adds to the intrigue of the story. The book is as much about “the very nature of the age-old relationship and its intricacies” as it is about the questions of aging, wisdom, and the fabric of the modern society. This absorbing story of relationship intricacies will appeal equally to lovers of magical realism and literary fiction.

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The Latecomers

by Rich Marcello

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Moonshine Cove Publishing

Pub date January 15, 2020

ISBN 9781945181757

Price $8.95 (USD) Paperback, $7.46 Kindle edition


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