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Author Straight Talk by Sarah Gerdes

author straight talk


An indispensable resource for writers…

Award-winning Gerdes’s latest non-fiction is an insightful look at the raw material that goes into the making of a successful author, as well as proof that a successful writing career depends equally on the art of ‘Authoring’ and a writer’s ability to write good material. Through 185 questions, Gerdes sheds light on ten core aspects of the business of authoring. Loaded with advice from her own two decades of writing experience and from other writers and industry professionals, the book provides a comprehensive guide to the making of a successful writer. Her practical tips range from the importance of 20-minute rule of writing to the need to hire professional editors and go through the grueling process of editing at any cost. She tackles every subject crucial to the making of a book that really sells: how to deal with writer’s block, successful editing, tools to bring your book to market, time management, marketing, publicity, ownerships, rights, estate planning among several other. She concludes the book’s final chapter with a section about the most common questions people ask her as a successful author. This excellent guide on authoring is full of practical insights, information, and anecdotes garnered from Sarah’s career as a fiction and non-fiction author and will help those aspiring to make a successful career in writing. A must-have book for every writer who is looking to succeed in their writing career. Readers will be wise to get the paperback version of the book for consulting and to use as a reference guide later.


Author Straight Talk

by Sarah Gerdes

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RPM Publishing

Pub date January 22, 2018

ISBN 9780979512636

Price $!0.95 (USD) Paperback, $4.10 Kindle edition

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