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Thurkill’s Revenge (The Huscarl Chronicles Book 1) by Paul Bernardi

thurkill's revenge

A thrilling, high-spirited tale…

Bernardi’s first in the Huscarl Chronicles series is both a fascinating coming-of-age story and a vivid, exciting portrayal of medieval warfare as the English army under the Anglo-Saxon King Harold fight ferocious battles with Vikings and the Norman-French army of William, the Duke of Normandy. At seventeen, Thurkill is barely on the threshold of manhood. Trained from a young age to follow his father into the ranks of King Harold’s loyal huscarls, he proves himself a competent warrior after he is thrust into the turbulence of the year’s events, fighting against two armies and eventually finds his own calling. Bernardi’s research is meticulous, the intriguing details of Saxon life and a surfeit of action is handled with ease, and the story’s pace is fast. Filled with bloodlust and valor, this exciting tale will leave readers eager for the next volume in the series. History buffs will be rewarded.

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Thurkill’s Revenge

(The Huscarl Chronicles Book 1)

By Paul Bernardi

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Pub date February 10, 2018


Price $4.75 (USD) Kindle edition, $5.33 Paperback


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