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Promised Land by Brandon Dean

promised land


An engrossing YA drama…

Set against the backdrop of World War II, Dean’s gripping debut examines the question of shifting morals in the face of dire circumstances. After German forces invade the US mainland and destroy several cities, seventeen-year-old Clint Brodsky gladly takes on the role of the protector to shield his loved ones from looming dangers. But coming to terms with his own altered mental compass is entirely another matter. Dean’s portrayal of Clint as a confused, exasperated teenager is both realistic and sympathetic. The plot twists are improbable at times, but the tension stays high with shifting circumstances as Clint and other protagonists fight for survival. The questions of everchanging ethics that haunt Clint relentlessly and the haunting love story of the teens provide heft to a tale that is intriguing as well as heartbreaking. The graphic scenes of violence make it suitable for mature YA readers.


Promised Land

By Brandon Dean

Indigo River Publishing

Expected pub date March 19, 2020

ISBN 9781950906185


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