Blood Ties: Steel and Magic Book 2 by M.A. Leon

Blood Ties


Thoroughly enjoyable…

Leon’s deft, engrossing sequel to Elemental Links picks up where the last installment left off: the necrom have been defeated at the battle of Dretlon Valley, and the brothers are back at the city of Maldra. But now the necrom have found a way to possess essentia and turn them against each other: the enemy that Jake and Louie are facing this time is far more dangerous, and the stakes rise higher with one of their own possessed. Leon’s assured prose skillfully handles shifting network of loyalties and hidden betrayals, and the brotherly love, lasting friendships, haunting dark forces, and political intrigue elevate the stakes of the story. The story moves at a swift pace, and a horde of plot twists and shocking revelations keep the pages turning. Leon has delivered an entertaining tale that is ripe with both tension and intrigue. Lovers of YA fantasy will be greatly pleased.


Blood Ties

Steel and Magic Book 2

by M.A. Leon

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Pub date February 15, 2020

ISBN 9781999572143

Price $5.02 (USD) Kindle


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