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Transference by B.T. Keaton

A deeply intriguing, highly engrossing dystopian tale…

Set in a far future, in a dystopian universe in which human souls are transferred from one body to another to create an eternal life, Keaton’s debut is full of action and intrigue. As a prisoner on a distant mining planet, Barrabas Madzimure hasn’t given much thought to the future until his execution approaches near. As the only witness to the Church’s manipulation of the process of transference, Barrabas is aware of the danger he poses to the Church’s rule. Knowing well that his true identity can cause uproar in the Church-controlled world on the earth and its powerful head Jovian, Barrabas goes ahead and reveal his real identity. Now powerful enemies want him dead while others are waiting for his return and fight for autonomy. Keaton’s development of the dystopian setting is skillfully done: even the mundane objects and interactions are filled with an otherworldly darkness and eerie dangers. The characterization is top notch, the dialogue sharp, and prose crisp. The narrative is smooth, and the first one quarter of the book stays focused on Barrabas, but the intrigue increase in intensity after Elisabeth, the Surgeon, and other major players make their entries. It’s at this point that the narrative speeds toward the highly anticipating culmination, and readers find it hard to put the book down. Keaton’s interesting way of storytelling and the intriguing, original concept make for extra plus points. A brilliantly written page-turner that fans of dystopian science fiction can pick without thinking twice. Highly recommended!


by B.T. Keaton

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