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Rock Mammoth by Eveline Payette (Author), Guillaume Perreault (Illustrator)

rock mammoth


Imaginative and informative…

Louis surprises everyone in his class when he decides to give his presentation on the Rock mammoth, a recently discovered new species of hairy Elephantidae. None of his classmates or his teacher are convinced about the existence of the Rock mammoth, but Louis has a surprise up his sleeve. Louis looks every bit as imaginative and comfortable in his own skin as the narrative makes him look. Louis’s tendency to venture into a vast array of subjects while talking about the mammoth is distracting occasionally, but it goes with his imaginative persona. Perreault’s loose, modern drawing style bring the story alive in the reader’s mind. While readers may find the storyline sidetracking at times, the original prose and funny drawings, combined with informative facts about mammoths and various other things, will make it a reflective, funny read.


Rock Mammoth

by Eveline Payette (Author), Guillaume Perreault (Illustrator)

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Orca Book Publishers

Pub date April 21, 2020

ISBN 9781459824263

Price $12.95 (USD)

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