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Incarnation by Sarah Gerdes



Gripping and inventive… An irresistible page-turner!

Gerdes skillfully combines medical technology and political intrigue with high tension of an action thriller in this engrossing first installment of the Incarnation series. An athletic standout, seventeen-year-old Kyle has his future sorted out in his mind with plans to get a scholarship and pursue higher education. But when he comes across a hidden cavern that contains a dangerous government secret: the identification for every US citizen, documenting their DNA and the face they should have been born with, Kyle finds himself in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy. Gerdes expertly manages her varied ensemble cast (with realistic teens and adult characters), injecting them with emotional depth and relatability. The potent mix of conspiracy, medical intrigue, convincing young romance, and intricate worldbuilding keep the narrative drive strong. With high suspense, palpable tension, and well-constructed plotline, this page-turner will make Teen/YA readers greatly excited for the next installment.



by Sarah Gerdes

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RPM Publishing

Pub date January 8, 2019

ISBN 9780999274378

Price $10.75 (USD) Paperback, $.99 Kindle edition



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