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Make Your Bones by L. D. Bloodworth



A speedy, dark romantic thriller with a suitably chilling ending…

Wren Bouchard arrives in scenic mountain town of Valley Spring, Colorado after fleeing a life of abuse and torture and found herself instantly drawn to the mysterious and handsome, Croy Parker. As she envisions a life full of love and safety, her past returns to haunt her. From the first page, the tension subtly rises as Wren’s life with the notorious hitman, Aidan Luciano unravels, revealing an abusive relationship rooted in deeply sadistic practices. Bloodworth takes a fresh outlook on an old, tried formula and successfully pens down an emotionally resonant story of love, loss, grief, and renewal.


Make Your Bones

by L.D. Bloodworth

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Published December 22, 2018

ASIN: B07MN672G7

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