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Three’s A Crowd: A Fantasy Paranormal Romance by Tierra Cox

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An adrenaline-filled, engrossing paranormal romance…

Cox makes her debut with this fast-paced, intriguing paranormal romance. Lia Babineaux’s insatiable curiosity about magick leads her to rise Seokjin, an ancient demon, with her spell. As Seokjin bonds to Lia as her familiar and gets drawn into her world, the two become inseparable. The things look great until Lia is joined by a mysterious gargoyle and comes across a secret that could help her uncover her mother and aunt’s deaths. Rife with unexpected plot twists as a variety of characters: a vampire, a demon, witches, a Fae, and a gargoyle come together to unravel a shocking secret, the book is high on adrenaline and shocking revelations. The handsome Seokjin and mysterious Yin are breathlessly appealing, and beautiful Lia with her intelligence, kick-ass attitude, and passionate heart is a worthy heroine. Cox’s crisp prose, tastefully constructed erotic love scenes, quick wit, and compelling characters will enchant lovers of paranormal romance.

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited. 


Three’s A Crowd: A Fantasy Paranormal Romance

by Tierra Cox

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Pub date December 29, 2019


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