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Evenfall by S. Robinson



A lively, fun adventure…

Robinson makes her debut in fairytale adventure genre with this entertaining entry. Traveling across the world in search of old stories and new ghostly friends is what thrills River, a mystical vagabond. Her latest excursion takes her to an abandoned place where she meets a mysterious stranger. Realizing the man needs her help, River sets on to perform a mystical experiment, but things take an unexpected turn, forcing the duo to travel back to River’s home. The story that starts as a basic fantasy soon pulls the reader in with its complex, intelligent plotting: the unusual revelations and a horde of twists increase tension in this fast-paced entry as new heroes and villains are introduced and the stakes get higher. Robinson’s prose is crisp, the plot twists convincing, and the characters’ interactions humorous. With Robinson’s playful take on the fairytale genre, the book keeps readers engrossed until the end.

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by S. Robinson

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Pub date December 9, 2019


Price $7.70 Kindle edition, $15.99 Paperback

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