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Make Me Pretty, Make Me Laugh by Jeremy Beth Michaels

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Refreshingly funny and extremely practical…

Stand-up comedian and beauty expert, Michaels presents a witty, stylish makeup and skin care guide intended for those who love to scour social media for the latest beauty videos or love spending their day off browsing the aisles in Sephora. Divided into short chapters, the narrative consists of the author’s quirky encounters with clients as she shares wild and funny stories from her years of working as a makeup artist along with tips on skin care and beauty regime. Each chapter concludes with one or two makeup tips and tricks. The accompanying illustrations are pleasing to eyes. Readers overwhelmed with too much beauty information on social media will appreciate the way Michaels tackle every beauty topic including aging, makeup application, and the basics of skin care and beauty products. She also shares advice on the importance of getting enough sleep, keeping the skin hydrated, and maintaining a proper skin care routine. Michaels’s hilarious observations, sharp dialogue, and wry humor (“Sometimes, I like to not get ready. I try and look as shitty as possible while at gym and out running errands so then when I do finally get all cleaned up, people are actually surprised to see the finished product”) make this beauty guide a delight to read. Jam-packed with informative, hilarious text, little-known beauty secrets, funny anecdotes, and elegant illustrations, the book shows the way for better personal care. This beauty guide is a fun, highly informative, and thoroughly accessible reference for every woman who is interested in looking beautiful, as well as fans of humorous fiction. Readers will be better off buying the paperback version to use it as a consulting guide later.


Make Me Pretty, Make Me Laugh

by Jeremy Beth Michaels

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Pub date November 1, 2019

ISBN 9781543984729

Price $12.99 (USD), $5.00 Kindle edition


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