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For Those Who Dare by John Anthony Miller

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Poignant, highly suspenseful, and a richly detailed story…

Miller portrays trauma experienced by multitudes before, during, and immediately after the construction of Berlin Wall by the Russian-controlled communist government in this vivid and highly suspenseful narrative. It was an hour after midnight on 13 August 1961, when a barbed wire was rolled out in the first step of building the historical monument that would divide a city for more than a quarter of a century. Determined to escape to the West, Kristin Beck seeks help of Tony Marino, an American writer living in West Berlin. They are joined by more people, but their plan to get over the border becomes dangerous with the presence of a mole within the group. Miller not only has a good feel for the period but he is also excellent at delivering atmosphere, multi-dimensional characters, and plenty of suspense. He portrays Kristin as a strong woman whose failures only make her more determined to achieve her goal. The book’s pace is fast, especially after the first forty pages and readers will have a hard time putting it away. Miller’s extensive research and vivid prose beautifully capture the political intricacies of the time and trauma of the people who woke up one morning to find the family, friends, and neighbors a world away. The novel with its enthralling storyline combined with immaculate research and its deep human interest not only makes for a dramatically gripping thriller but also provides a better understanding of the immense damage caused by construction of the wall to humankind’s irrationality. A must read!


For Those Who Dare

by John Anthony Miller

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Pub date December 10, 2019

ISBN 9781673862638

Price $13.99 (USD) Paperback, $3.03 Kindle edition


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