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24 hour Rule of Happiness: Million Dollar Smile by Leonid Altshuler M.D.

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A well-researched, quick-fix guide to depression and anxiety…

The board-certified psychiatrist and author of several books Dr. Leonid Altshuler M.D. returns with this astute short guide that describes simple and practical steps to get rid of depression within 24 hours and prevent it forever from coming back while challenging readers to reconsider their role in the modern world. He divides the book into small chapters that delve alternatively into the importance of paying attention to the basics of appropriate diet and meditative techniques, trying to understand the mind and body connection along with his patients’ experience with the ‘24 hour diet’ suggested in the book and how it helped them deal with their depression and anxiety. Throughout, he relates his own experience with physical and mental health issues. While the book’s length is short (compare to usual fully fleshed-out books), readers will appreciate Altshuler’s direct approach of stating important facts in a few precise words without indulging in unnecessary details. Switching seamlessly between the third person narrative and his patients’ first-person account, Altshuler’s prose is at once informative and accessible. The specific suggestions for readers at the end as to how to evaluate their progress make for an easy-to-carry reference guide. By introducing readers to the innate connection between stress, diet, and physical and mental illnesses, the book will encourage them to follow a specific diet plan and pursuing holistic approaches grounded in scientific research in order to ease anxiety. Aiming to help readers live a healthy, stress free life, the book should appeal to secular and spiritual readers alike.


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24 hour Rule of Happiness : Million Dollar Smile

by Leonid Altshuler M.D.

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