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The Baron and The Enchantress (The Enchantresses #3) by Paullett Golden

the baron and the enchantress


A riveting historical romance…

Golden’s marvelous third installment in The Enchantresses series builds passionate romance between two people, as they gradually discover themselves through each other. Lilith Chambers, a parish midwife, learns about her true parentage after her brother locates her whereabouts and invites her to stay at his place. Struggling to fit into her new life as the daughter of 15th Earl of Roddam, Lilith is tempted to keep living the quiet life of the parish midwife in her humble country cottage. When the handsome Walter Hobbs, Baron Collingwood, meets Lilith, he is struck by love at first sight. She’s everything he could ever want in a woman, but Lilith’s aversion to the rich and elite is not the only hurdle for Walter: she’s illegitimate; something that wouldn’t go well with the elites of the polite society. Lilith is an intelligent, independent heroine. Golden expertly portrays Lilith’s inner turmoil as the latter struggles to accept her position as the daughter of the Earl. Lilith and Walter are equals in their intelligence and their passion to follow their dreams. The fast moving plot is enhanced by captivating storyline and the impeccably developed romance. Sensuality that fills the pages of this irresistible story is heightened by the awakening of Lilith’s slow attraction toward Walter which gradually blossoms into sheer admiration as she comes to know the man behind the title of the Baron and learns to break through her practiced emotional detachment. Tightly constructed plotline, profound emotions, and sensuality make The Enchantresses series a must read for historical romance lovers.

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The Baron and The Enchantress

(The Enchantresses #3)

by Paullett Golden

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Pub date August 7, 2019


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