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Chimera by Maddalena Di Gregorio

A fascinating, engrossing tale…

Di Gregorio offers an absorbing dark tale that explores the twisted life of a young woman. Struggling with constant inner conflicts, Anna leaves her home in Montreal and settles in Vancouver. But her path to self-discovery takes her on a toxic journey of alcohol, drugs, sex, and murder, as a mysterious savage force overpowers her and drives her to do unimaginable things. Is Anna a mere victim? If yes, then who is the assailant? Di Gregorio portrays her protagonist with a sheer honesty and without glossing over rough edges or harsh truths: Anna is not a sympathetic character, but she’s a worthy protagonist, carrying the weight of the story by herself. Di Gregorio’s writing is assured and her prose precise as she skillfully leaves certain things to readers’ imagination: readers will fill in the details and enjoy projecting themselves into Anna’s story. Lovers of dark fiction will be pleased with this sinister tale.


by Maddalena Di Gregorio

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Pub date August 24, 2019


Price $2.98 (USD) Kindle, $6.00 Paperback

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