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The Third Order by Wendy Sura Thomson

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Thoroughly absorbing… a thrilling read!

Thomson’s latest is a well-researched, gripping blend of ancient intrigues, secret religious societies, poignant emotions, and raw grief. Maggie Fraser’s life turns upside down after a tragedy strikes her while honeymooning in Italy. The discovery of an ancient amulet sends her traveling across the globe despite her heart heavy with grief. As her search takes her from Italy to London and Michigan and New York in America, Maggie is confounded by a mysterious religious group whose members would stop at nothing to acquire the amulet for themselves. Though the story starts as a run-of-the-mill love tale, Thomson sets the foundation for an explosive pace within the first few pages as Maggie comes across the ancient amulet. The relentless twists and shocks thereafter keep the reader wired right up to the last page. A fascinating read that will please both conspiracy enthusiasts and thriller fans.


The Third Order

by Wendy Sura Thomson

Quitt and Quinn Publishers

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Pub date September 26, 2018

ISBN 978-1732848917

Price $15.99 (USD) Paperback, $4 Kindle edition

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