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Summon the Tiger by Wendy Sura Thomson

summon the tiger


Beautifully written, compelling memoir…

Born with congenital abnormalities and missing both the ulna and tibia on the right side along with several other deformities, Thomson had her leg amputated even before she started kindergarten. In a poignant manner, Thomson describes her life as she defied the odds and went on to live an extraordinary life as a single parent and achieved high professional success. Thomson transports readers to a whirlwind journey of moving emotions and relentless resilience as she shares memories of her childhood, her daily struggles as she tried to complete her education and worked simultaneously, her strained relationship with her mother and sister, her traveling adventures, a difficult marriage, and struggles of raising two children as a single parent. Most touching in Thomson’s heartwarming memoir, however, is her resilience, her love for her children, and the emotional bond she shared with her father. Highly inspirational!


Summon the Tiger

By Wendy Sura Thomson

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Pub date September 8, 2016

ISBN 9781537137445

Price $12.99 (USD) Paperback, $3.01 Kindle

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