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The Anchor House by Spencer Margaret

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A perfect beach read…

An exploration of loss, happiness, and healing, Margaret’s brilliant debut digs into the private lives of three women. After a broken relationship and with no family to call on, Winnie Spade leaves her old life behind, hitchhikes across country, and settle in the small Minnesotan town of Manitou Lake. As wounds from her scarred past start to heal, another threat arrives and jeopardizes her newly found sense of belonging. Margaret keeps the tension high with plenty of conflicts created early in the story, and her elegantly simple narrative effortlessly pulls the reader into the minds of her characters along with their hidden fears and secret sorrows. The philosophical insights are plenty and pleasingly appealing without being preachy. This perfect beach read (down to its charming island setting) has a strong emotional pull, readers will remain hooked until the heartening culmination.


The Anchor House

by Spencer Margaret

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Pub date August 23, 2019


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2 thoughts on “The Anchor House by Spencer Margaret

  1. I took your recommendation to heart and purchased The Anchor House. It was indeed a perfect beach read, I was traveling to Florida and it was the PERFECT read for me. As a mom of daughters this book resonated with me in many ways.
    We tend to crumble under our own weight, but in the company of other women our strength grows by 10 fold.Great read and I recommend it to mothers, daughters, young women dealing with depression, pregnancy and real life issues.
    Thanks again!

    1. We’re glad you liked our recommendation, Marie:)

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