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A Max Stone Series (2 book series) by Robert Segulin

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Everyday intrigues, sudden mishaps, and unsolved mysteries mark the two installments of this entertaining series…

Segulin launches his sparkling new cozy mystery series with an endearing retiree as his main protagonist. The first book, The Residents: Murders by the Lake, introduces Max Stone, a retiree who takes on to writing mysteries in his free time. A floating body of a fellow resident of the apartment complex, where stone lives, gets him involved in the murder investigation. After a series of more murders, it becomes clear that there is a sinister agenda behind each murder and only Stone can decode it. In the second book, The Cottage: The Mystery at a Vermont Horse Farm, a well-deserved vacation at a Vermont horse farm for Stone turns out to be an investigation into the disappearance of a young female intern who worked at the farm and went missing after a walk into the snowy woods one day. Segulin sets a lively pace with his utterly simple yet conversational prose, and the series comes out as a nicely atmospheric and deeply intriguing, if somewhat simple work. Segulin’s plotting is skilled and his characterization excellent. Stone is endearing despite his prying ways, and readers will have an easy time liking him as the main protagonist. His quirky ways and unconventional schemes make for delightful entertainment. The varied cast of everyday, believable characters, some of which are as nosey as the dear old Stone, from both the books will easily charm readers. Segulin’s offbeat resolution of the killer’s motive in the first book (and shocking ending in the second book) will be approved by the reader. Fans of the quiet, cozy mysteries should welcome Max Stone’s amateur ways of sleuthing.


A Max Stone Series (2 book series)

by Robert Segulin

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The Residents: Murder’s by the Lake (A Max Stone Series Book 1)

Pub date October 28, 2017


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The Cottages: The Mystery at a Vermont Horse Farm (A Max Stone Series Book 2)

Pub date January 16, 2018


Price $4.99 (USD)

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