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Buffalo at the Gates by Bill Greenwood



In Buffalo at the Gates, Bill Greenwood delivers a heart-pumping, nerve-racking story with a riveting ending you won’t see coming…

Buffalo at the Gates takes a fascinating look into USA and Canada’s special forces operations, complemented by very humane and heroic characters, the reader will root for. Mike Buffalo and Brad Hall have experienced terrorism from every angle. As members of Canadian Special Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, they thought they’d seen it all. But that was before terrorism struck them near home. With impending war in the Korean Peninsula, the leadership of North Korea has started a sinister plan to keep America out of that conflict. Mike and Brad find themselves in the path of the plan near Montana on their way home after attending a meeting with people from Valley Forge Security, a specialized private firm providing security to governments and NGO’s in war zones around the world. Suffering PTSD and devastating injuries respectively, Mike and Brad know they have no other option than to fight back. After introducing Mike and Brad’s struggles with PTSD which serve as a preliminary to the main plot, the book’s middle part concentrate on the tension build-up in Korean Peninsula. In the last third of the book, Greenwood integrates all the story lines, taking the reader on an endless roller-coaster ride to a nail-biting climax. The story becomes a stick of dynamite that Greenwood seems to hand the reader after lighting it and then dares them to put down before it explodes. They wouldn’t be able to do that. In his book, Greenwood’s protagonists rely on a mixture of military muscle, technology, and intelligence to save the situation. But what make this a compelling read are the details from the military technobabble to detailed working of armaments—evidence of the author’s excellent grasp of military technology. In the book, Greenwood also offers a glimpse into the psyche of a person working under acute pressure. Whether a commoner or a trained military person, the characters face a common challenge: situations that disrupt boundaries of power, rank or belief system—their response is what matters in the end, and Greenwood’s characters pass that test with flying colors. Overall, Greenwood has crafted an intelligent and thoughtful thriller. A must read!

Buffalo at the Gates
By Bill Greenwood

ISBN 978-0-9950668-2-3

Price USD $11.99


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