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The Last Seer King (Shadow Sword #2) by S.J. Hartland

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An outstanding, towering work of fantasy…

As absorbing as the first book in the series, this follow up installment by Hartland sweeps the reader into a mesmerizing world of sorcery, dark magic, dangerous prophecies, and maniac obsessions. After Archanin, an ancient ghoul-god, escapes his imprisonment and embarks on a journey to become the ruler of all realms, an ancient king, the fallen warriors, warlords, and powerful sorcerers must come together to save the world from impending darkness. The brilliance of the book lies both in its exceptional characterization and the precise execution of the plot. With an assured hand, Hartland masterfully weaves a large array of characters and several secondary subplots into the main storyline, creating an epic fantasy tale that’s sure to win approval of fans of the genre. Moving in its intimacy and commanding in its narrative essence, the book is sure to make for fantasy lovers’ top read shelves.


The Last Seer King

(Shadow Sword #2)

by S.J. Hartland

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Dark Blade Publishing

Pub date July 12, 2019

ISBN 978-0648437239

Price $15.50 (USD)


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