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Agent Terri Walker Series (3 Books) by Robert Segulin

agent terry walker series

An action-packed military thriller…
Segulin begins his high-action military thriller series with The Beginning that introduces the fiery agent Terri Walker, a member of a highly secretive covert team The Unit, as she’s assigned to rescue one of her colleagues and is forced to make a tough decision after a powerful crime syndicate boss fall for her. The first-person narrative (in Terri’s voice) adds to the intrigue of the story and the characterization is thoroughly done. While there are many high-action sequences in the book, Segulin’s focus stays on laying foundations for the other books in the series. In Just Another Easy Mission, the second book in the series, it seems Terri has this knack for getting in trouble again and again: She is supposed to be taking time off on a beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida to recuperate from her last mission, but a chance encounter with a sibling duo from the royal family brings Terri face to face with a dangerous enemy who would stop at nothing to achieve their sinister goal. While the covert team’s entanglement in the conspiracy against the royal family of a foreign nation is interesting, Terri’s exploits as she unravels the conspiracy prove more convincing. The satisfying finale creates excitement for more high-action adventures in the third installment. In Change of Command, the third book in the series, Terrie becomes head of Team One after a confrontation with a drug cartel ends in killing of the team leader. Terri’s first mission as the head of Team One puts her and the entire team in the path of death as they try to transport a high value asset from a hostile country. There are several mini subplots in the story that require more attention. Tighter editing would have helped to tie down all the loose ends and propel the narrative forward at a swifter pace, although the action scenes make up for any perplexities. While there are many characters in the series, Terri is the one who gets most space as the main protagonist. With her daring yet sympathetic personality (despite her knack for constantly getting in trouble), readers will have an easy time taking to her as the main protagonist. The series will benefit from focusing on a single major plot in each book instead of several side subplots and action sequences.

The Beginning: In the Families Footsteps

(A Terri Walker Series Book 1)

by Robert Segulin

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Pub date January 27, 2019


Price $4.98 (USD)

Just Another Easy Mission: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

(A Terri Walker Series Book 2)

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Pub date May 29, 2019


Price $5.08 (USD)

Change of Command: Sounds like I will be doing desk duty!

(A Terri Walker Series Book 3)

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Pub date August 28, 2019


Price $5.03 (USD)

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