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East of Lincoln by Harlin Hailey

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Ageless and highly engrossing… an excellent literary tale!

Award-winning author Hailey’s recent outing takes the reader across a run-down neighborhood in Los Angeles and follows the journey of a motley crew of unemployed characters. The group, brought together by self-loathing, boredom and failure, share a cozy bond while struggling with financial woes and personal strains, unaware of an impending tragedy. Hailey’s seasoned writing is zesty and brilliantly captures contemporary America at its recent inflection point, evoking empathy in readers’ hearts for humanity’s lost souls. Hailey’s characterization is top-notch as his characters come out alive in the reader’s mind. Writing with dark humor and deep empathy, Hailey proves himself a brilliantly engaging storyteller and this novel will do more than please fans of serious literary fiction (noir). This gripping crime novel should win many new fans for the author.


East of Lincoln

by Harlin Hailey

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Pub date October 15, 2019


Price $5.99 (USD)


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