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Inside the Masque by R. T. W. Lipkin



Outstanding, sinful to miss…

Lipkin’s impressive police procedural is set in a far-future where everyone wears masques and secrets, lies, and deceits prevail. When Chief Inspector McNair and his team are called to investigate a murder at a high-profile party, endless lies and deceptions greet them as they interview witnesses. In a world where people hide behind masques, finding the killer becomes a difficult job. Lipkin is at the top of her game here; be it her excellent characterization, tight plotting or smooth narrative. McNair and his team are fascinating as they probe the intricate tangle of motives and hidden desires that swirl around suspects. Lipkin’s setting of the far-future, where everyone wears a masque serves as an excellent metaphor for her characters’ fear of revealing themselves. Despite its hefty dose of sci-fi, the story is heavy on mystery. Lovers of well-crafted mysteries will be highly rewarded.


Inside the Masque

by R. T. W. Lipkin

Eclipse Ink

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PUB DATE June 15 2019

ISBN 9781949059137

PRICE $14.95 (USD)


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