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A Medic’s Mind by Matthew Heneghan

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Powerful and incredibly inspiring…

Heneghan takes a sharp-eyed look back at his fractured childhood and personal loss as he chronicles his journey towards a better way of coping. After joining Canadian Forces, Heneghan began experiencing crippling episodes of depression which never ceased to exist even after he left military and became a paramedic in the civilian world. They became so bad that—after losing his driving license to drunk driving and eventually losing his job—he contemplated suicide. Heneghan writes with a disarming honesty about himself, his difficult childhood, his mother’s cancer and her lifelong battle with mental illness, and the trauma he had to go through in line of his job as a paramedic. A compelling account of experienced PTSD and a toxic alcohol dependency, the memoir evokes Heneghan’s years long turmoil and his journey toward a better future as he got help and learned to cope better.


A Medic’s Mind

by Matthew Heneghan

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Wintertickle Press

PUB DATE October 15, 2019

ISBN 9781894813976

PRICE $25.95 (CAD)


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