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Déjà View: A Kid Nightmare by Michael Thomas Perone

Evocative, well-written, and emotionally stirring…

Perone weaves a captivating story set in the 1980s, where changing social dynamics and fear of growing up set the stage for a journey full of anguish. At twelve years old, Bobby Dalton still desperately clings to his childhood. But when his Seventh-Grade class buries a time capsule to mark the decade’s end, something changes. He starts seeing double versions of himself, his friends, and other unknown figures. Are these premonitions real or has his mind gone overboard? Bobby must discover the answers if he wants to make it out alive. Perone delves into the typical struggles of a middle schooler, from making friends to grappling with topics like mental health issues, anxiety, home life, tormenting, and childhood distress. The story begins slowly, but builds in intensity as Bobby navigates the tumultuous nature of his pre-teen years. Bobby’s sudden descent into paranoia is hazily explained, but his heartbreak over his fractured friendships makes him an authentic, sympathetic character, and readers will want to engage with him. This is an affecting exploration of childhood angst.

Déjà View: A Kid Nightmare

Michael Thomas Perone

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Pub date October 6, 2023

ISBN 979-8887471204

Price $14.95 (USD) Paperback, $9.99 Kindle edition

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