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A Place of Fog and Murder (Lou Tanner, P.I.) by T. E. MacArthur

A mystery that has it all: wit, smarts, relentless twists, and a sassy heroine to root for…

MacArthur’s fearless and soignée Lou Tanner investigates a mystery as intriguing as it’s dangerous in 1935’s San Francisco. Lou Tanner was dying to find a case that could help her launch her career as a female private eye in the new city. When an attractive client approached her with a seemingly straightforward job, she thought it was her chance. But before she knew it, Lou had stumbled into a twisted game of cat and mouse—riddled with mobsters, law enforcement, and a blackmailing conspiracy. It would take all her skill and wit to survive the deadly game—not to mention her trusty firearms! MacArthur’s alternate history landscape is complete with futuristic modes of transportation and weapons rooted in hard SF. The book is brimming with style. From the opening lines, readers are thrown into a gumshoe-worthy lexicon that is as dense and rich as syrup. Muted, unconventional stereotypes pepper the intriguing cast, elevating the effect of the twisty, multi-layered story, and the care MacArthur takes in developing her protagonists as nuanced characters force readers to join them as they deal with the increasingly complicated circumstances of their lives. Lou is a captivating lead character, with her sass and smarts; Marley provides a fun counterpoint with her own wit and charm; and even the random Not My Cat leaves an indelible effect.  Written in the breathless style of the classic hard-boiled noirs, the novel makes for a penetrating, winding mystery.

A Place of Fog and Murder (Lou Tanner, P.I.)

T. E. MacArthur

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Indies United Publishing House, LLC

Pub date October 25, 2023

ISBN 978-1795364676

Price $11.84 (USD) Paperback, $1.99 Kindle edition

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