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Sun in My Heart by Tricia LaRochelle

Poignant, compelling, and convincing; a lovely romance that will make readers’ hearts flutter…

LaRochelle skillfully envelops readers in a poignant, romantic story tinged with tension and intrigue in her latest novel, Sun in My Heart. Famous pop singer Julian Sommers’ finds his life turned upside down after a terrible tragedy leaves two of his fans dead two years ago. Unable to process the unsettling episode, Julian takes a sabbatical and disappears from public life. Enter Sophie Quinn who appears to have it all; inherited wealth, professionally successful husband, a beautiful home. Everything is not as it seems. It has been six months since Sophie fled to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia to escape her abusive Chad. She crosses paths with a rugged handyman name Brian who works for the elusive Julian Sommers. Though neither Sophie nor Brian understand it, the sparks immediately fly. It doesn’t take Sophie long to realize Brian is guarded, but so is she. Taking another chance at love is something they both are wary of. Unbeknownst to Sophie, Brian is hiding a secret that turns her life upside down. LaRochelle’s finely crafted novel presents a nuanced treatment of complex themes, from subjugation of women to issues of psychological abuse, pain, sorrow, trauma, and violence. Over the course of this novel, LaRochelle weaves Sophie’s story with Brian’s self-reckoning in a vivid narrative filled with imperfect yet compassionate characters. She paints convincing psychological images of her two main characters: Brian, who is down-to-earth, sensible yet vulnerable, and Sophie, a woman whose life has been marked by constant humiliation from those closest to her. The well-crafted storyline shows how lasting traumas are created from relentless psychological abuse and unkindness, while the theme of healing keeps readers turning the pages. Unexpected endings give a satisfactory closure to the story that is both emotional and comforting. A stirring celebration of bonds of love, family, and friendship, this is a surefire winner.

Sun in My Heart

Tricia LaRochelle

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