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Become Your Masterpiece by Carlton J. Buller

A distinctive, remarkable guide to personal growth that uses poetry as its medium… A keeper.

In this eclectic anthology of poetry and prose, Buller offers motivation, inspiration, and wisdom fostered through personal experience. Written and designed as a coffee table book, this self-help guide is devised to keep the reader on the path to their true destiny—one filled with love, joy, peace, abundance, understanding and compassion. Diving deep into themes of self-introspection, gratitude, visualization, creativity, making decisions, healing, and transformation, Buller’s inspirational verses provide a reminder that not every journey will be easy but if you remain steadfast in your efforts then you will eventually arrive at where you are meant to be in life—even if it looks different than you once imagined. With each page turn comes a dose of timeless wisdom that serves as a reminder for readers to never give up on themselves no matter what obstacles life throws their way. As the narrative progresses, readers will gain an understanding of how to achieve deeper levels of self-awareness, create meaningful relationships with others, discover their passion and purpose in life, and ultimately become their best selves. The book encourages readers to practice self-love by learning how to let go of fear and doubt which can impede personal growth. It also highlights the importance of embracing change as part of growth. Ultimately, it will leave readers feeling empowered and inspired to take back control over their lives and become the masterpieces they were meant to be. Part photographical homage, part literary musing, part self-help guide, this innovative poetic work makes for a must-have.

Become Your Masterpiece

A Poetic Symphony of Wisdom, Guidance, Tools and Techniques for Transforming Your Life 

Carlton J. Buller

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Fairweather Publications, LLC

Pub date October 30, 2023

ISBN 978-0970123831

Price $39.99 (USD) Hardcover

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