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The Wall by Brian Penn

Grim, gripping, and entertaining….

A young man gets caught up in a terrifying rebellion in Penn’s engrossing dystopian tale. It’s 2099.  A wall divides the former United States in two parts; Zion and MiddleLand. Stuck in MiddleLand, Asher longs to be with his fiancée. When his uncle offers him an opportunity to get in Zion, Asher immediately agrees, unaware his entry in Zion will initiate a terrifying rebellion, altering the fate of the whole land. Penn’s dark vision of the future is well-crafted. Tyranny and slavery fueled by greed and negligence add a realistic layer to the narrative, and the collective pain of the citizens of this world provides depth to many of the secondary characters introduced in this story. While pacing can be slow at times, there is always an interesting plot point or exciting action around the corner, which keeps readers engaged. The narrative alternates between Asher’s first-person voice and third-person omniscient perspective keeping the tension at a constant simmer. The wholesome chemistry between Asher and Sarai adds further to the intrigue. A thorough page-turner.

The Wall

Brian Penn

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Koehler Books

Pub date December 19, 2023

ISBN 9798888241356 Price $26.95 (USD) Hardcover, $19.95 Paperback

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