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The Molossus of Old Man Moyer: An Original Horror Novel by Joe Lyon

A striking work of supernatural and unblinking terror… A real page-turner.

Lyon’s latest is high on occult thrills and twists and turns readers won’t see coming. Jimmy Myer, ex-convict and transport driver, hits and kills a strange looking dog on the road. Wary of getting into trouble, he decides to take the dog’s body to Colman Moyer, its owner and a reclusive billionaire. But the dog, known as the Molossus is a mythical creature capable of providing its host with a fortune in exchange for their violent death. Meanwhile, Detective Artemis Blackwell, in his quest to investigate two separate missing people cases, unravels clues that leads him to Moyer’s vast manor. Will Blackwell be able to solve the mystery?  Lyon is a masterful storyteller who has crafted an unsettling world with depth and complexity. Fans of well-crafted horror will enjoy Lyon’s skill at weaving supernatural and setting-as-character aspects into his story: the grandeur of the small town, with its old church, cemetery, and fishing lake surrounding Moyer’s property creates a solemn aura. As the narrative unfolds, he introduces unsavory killings, lingering ghosts, an ancient creature that offers riches but at a heavy cost, and a series of episodes that lead some of the unsuspected souls toward an unsettling and gruesome ending. Jimmy is a striking protagonist who is relatable in his self-doubt and fear of looming dangers. His shaky faith is in sharp contrast to the sinister Moyer who invites readers to examine their own spiritual core. The pacing is swift, and the unexpected plotting keeps the pages flying. Lyon’s effortless grasp at maintaining the grit and emotions throughout the narrative is sure to earn him a devoted readership.

The Molossus of Old Man Moyer: An Original Horror Novel

Joe Lyon

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Lyonic LLC

Pub date July 30, 2023

ISBN 978-1956189131

Price $25.10 (USD) Hardcover, $12.99 Paperback, $2.99 Kindle edition

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