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In The Oblivion of Borrowed Time by Kate Barny

An absorbing, rousing SF adventure tale with a compelling heroine…

A young woman struggling with her personal demons fights to protect what’s left of the planet’s fragile ecosystem in Barny’s slender SF novella. In a dystopian future where the world is plagued by abnormal natural phenomenas and one-season syndrome, all the nations have joined the Detection of Anomalous Nature Events Bureau (DANEB) in order to counterbalance losses, but the controversial activist, Telos Spikeleaf, have planned a sinister scheme to sabotage the united effort. Aethra Ortygeans, a special investigator at DANEB, sets out on a mission to unravel Telos’s scheme but a disturbing truth about her own identity turns her world upside down. Barny is an expert storyteller. Readers will feel the excitement as they dive into a captivating story that combines elements of hard SF, dystopia, and suspense while highlighting the power of friendship and human connection. The book skillfully examines the underpinnings of its setting and the ways humanity remains strong in the face of pressure, matching up well with the backdrop of a decaying civilization. A swiftly paced, solid tale.

In The Oblivion of Borrowed Time

Kate Barny

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