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Never Less (The Pablo & Mindy Mysteries) by Geoffrey Wells

Gripping, entertaining, and impactful… A solid read.

Drug crisis and murder add a thrilling allure to middle-grade drama as two pre-teens find themselves entangled in a dangerous conspiracy in Wells’ engrossing debut installment in The Pablo & Mindy Mysteries. Mindy comes from a well-off family while Pablo is the son of immigrants. Despite their different backgrounds, the twelve-year-olds share a close bond of friendship. When they discover suspicious goings-on at an old mill on the Long Island Sound, they decide to investigate further, unaware of the illicit drug operation running on the site. Set in the North Fork of Long Island, this contemplative, character-driven story examines weighty topics, including opioid crisis and immigration issues, with compassion and understanding. Throughout the narrative, both Mindy and Pablo show meaningful growth, and the secondary characters are nuanced in their development. Wells’ expert prose keeps both the tension and the suspense high, resulting in a mystery that expertly builds to a shocking, satisfying reveal. A gripping middle-grade drama, grounded by serious themes of drugs and immigration.

Never Less: We all need a safety net, but need a true friend even more… 

(The Pablo & Mindy Mysteries)

Geoffrey Wells

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Ice Wine Productions, Inc

Pub date October 14, 2022

ISBN  979-8986383613

Price $12.00 (USD) Paperback, $2.99 Kindle edition

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