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Fate of the Fae (Finding Fae) by El Holly

Gripping, thrilling, and fantastical; A read-in-one-sitting kind of book.

Holly’s final installment in the Finding Fae Trilogy has everything—a well-imagined fantasy world, great character growth, incredible tension, and enduring love. The Unseelie King Nightglade needs a new queen and time is of essence: someone needs to claim the crown in ten new moons or Nightglade’s rule will be over. With the balance between the Unseelie and Seelie Courts in danger of being upturned, fae are watching the unraveling of the Unseelie Court with interest. Eevee, who is on the run with her birth father, Aspen, knows she must return to the fae realm and face Nightglade. But does she have the courage? Holly’s storytelling is entertaining, brimming with tension, action, and heart, and the fantasy world she creates is rich with vivid detail. The alternating first-person narratives in Eevee’s and Quince’ voices allow for rich internal monologues that place readers directly inside their heads, unraveling their hopes, dreams, fears and inner turmoil. Eevee’s impulses to face her fate are commendable, and she battles her greatest fears with grace and grit. Quince is an interesting narrator, and his stubborn determination to remain true to Eevee and his principles makes it easy to root for him. Supporting characters are vividly portrayed. Through Eevee’s story, the novel raises questions about adoption and its potential for trauma. It also explores themes such as familial ties, friendship, love, truth, and betrayal, but at its heart, it’s a story about faith—in one’s own abilities, principles, self-worth and in other people. Readers will devour this one.

Fate of the Fae (Finding Fae) 

El Holly

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