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Your Heart Can Hold the Whole Universe by Rebecca Atanassova

Inspiring, gentle, and celebratory; a remarkable feat.

Atanassova’s young narrator tells his best friend “Your heart is bigger than the universe!/ I’ve seen and know it’s true,” and to prove his point he decides to conduct a quirky experiment. After all, “scientists do tests,/ to tell if something is true.” He goes on to narrate the best qualities of his friend, beginning with “I know the good deeds that you do,/ You’re always there,/ When someone needs you.” Compassion, helpfulness, perceptiveness and a caring nature get added to the list followed by eco-awareness, altruism, and the endearing quality of being considerate. The concept of recognizing and appreciating the exceptional qualities in one’s friends can be tricky to understand; young readers will appreciate that Atanassova offers a tangible way to grasp the subject. Here, the qualities that make a heart big are explored carefully, and youngsters learn what it means to be having a truly good heart. At the same time, the book celebrates friendship and unconditional love. Angelica Baldit’s insightful, colorful illustrations depict a cast diverse in skin tone, ethnicity, and ability: we see an old woman struggling to carry her groceries; a little girl who uses a wheelchair; an old man who is feeling low. A must-read that will teach kids the heart’s boundless capacity of love. 

Your Heart Can Hold the Whole Universe 

Rebecca Atanassova (Author), Angelica Baldit (Illustrator)

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Popsicle Publishing

Pub date September 25, 2023

ISBN 978-1960746238 

Price $2.99 (USD) Kindle edition

2 thoughts on “Your Heart Can Hold the Whole Universe by Rebecca Atanassova

  1. Excellent book and the illustrations look great on an iPad or even a phone.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments!

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